El 7 de septiembre se celebrará el primer Cassette Store Day, en el que, con lanzamientos especiales, se reivindicará la cinta de casete, “un producto físico que es accesible, divertido, barato y que sigue teniendo una fuerte presencia en el turbulento clima musical actual”. Ya se conocen varios de los lanzamientos, entre los que figuran grabaciones de Los Campesinos!, Fucked Up, The Flaming Lips, Animal Collective, Deerhuner y Guided by Voices.

Lanzamientod del Cassette Store Day 2013:
Fucked Up – Hidden World (SEXBEAT)
Los Campesinos! – A Good Night for a Fistfight Live Album (Kissability)
The Proper Ornaments – Demos (Suplex Cassettes)
Fair Ohs – Jams Volume 2 (Suplex Cassettes)
Lets Wrestle – Demo’s (Suplex Cassettes)
At the Drive-In – Acrobatic Tenement (Transgressive)
At the Drive-In – Relationship of Command (Transgressive)
Pulled Apart by Horses – Pulled Apart by Horses (Transgressive)
Pulled Apart by Horses – Tough Love (Transgressive)
The Flaming Lips – The Terror (Bella Union)
Suicidal Tendencies – Debut (Burger)
Twink – Think Pink (Burger)
Molly Nilsson – The Travels (Night People)
The Pastels – TBA (Domino)
Deerhunter – Monomania (4AD)
Hard Skin – On the Balls (Wichita)
Hard Skin – Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear (Wichita)
V/A – Faux Discx Compilation (Faux Discx)
Haim – Forever EP (Polydor)
Efterklang – Tripper (Blood & Biscuits)
Mum – Smilewound (Blood & Biscuits)
Dolphinz – Pagan Dating (Tye Die Tapes)
Fear of Men – Early Fragments (Kanine)
The Blow – The Blow (Kanine)
V/A – Bleed In Gold – The First Three Years if Art Is Hard (Art Is Hard)
Teen Suicide – Waste Yrself (Birdtapes)
V/A – Heart Throb Compilation (Heart Throb)
Animal Collective – Sung Tongs (Fat Cat)
His Clancyness – Covering Up (Fat Cat)
JJ Doom – Keys to the Kuffs Butter Edition (Lex)
Younghusband – Silver Sisters (Sonic Cathedral)
Guided by Voices – English Little League (Fire / Bad Paintings)
Refrigerator – Live at the American Legion Hall (Shrimper)
Xiu Xiu – Women as Lovers (Bad Paintings)
Rolo Tomassi – Astrea (DPLR)
Volcano Choir – Repave (Jagjaguwar)
V/A – Compilation (Hate Hate Hate)
Potty Mouth – The Spins (Marshall Teller)
TBA – TBA (Where to Now?)
The Casket Girls – The Casket Girls (Graveface)
Peter Broderick – Float (Erased Tapes)
Bright Light Bright Light – Make Me Believe in Hope (Self Raising Records)
Playlounge / YRRS / Birdskulls – Sick of Hits Vol. 1 (Reeks of Effort)
Sur – Dog Daze EP (Mirror Universe)
Spakkiano – Spakkiano (Mirror Universe)
Lame Drivers – Live & Rare (Mirror Universe)
Laraaji – Cosmic Tape Experiments 1979 – 1987 (All Saints)